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1 a person who makes things [syn: shaper]
2 terms referring to the Judeo-Christian God [syn: Godhead, Lord, Creator, Divine, God Almighty, Almighty, Jehovah]
3 a business engaged in manufacturing some product [syn: manufacturer, manufacturing business]

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From make + agent suffix -er



maker, plural makers
  1. one who makes; person or thing that makes or produces something
  2. (law) one who signs a check or promissory note, thereby becoming responsible for payment.
one who signs a check or promissory note

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From maken (to make) + agent suffix -er


maker (plural makers)
  1. One who makes; person or thing that makes or produces something.

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other uses Make Maker is a small village between Cawsand and Rame Head, situated on the Rame Peninsula, in South East Cornwall, United Kingdom. The name means a ruin in Cornish, but another Celtic name is Egloshayle, which means, the church on the estuary, a very apt description of the church's location. In their western advance across England, the Anglo-Saxons halted at the Tamar, but in 705, King Geraint of Cornwall gave the promontory on the Cornish side of the mouth of the Tamar to Sherborne Abbey, to keep control of the Tamar mouth in Saxon hands. This was royal land, and remained in Devon until 1844.The Normans installed the Valletorts as tenants of most of the land controlling the Tamar. From them, Maker passed by marriage to the Durnford family and then to the Edgcumbe family. The church is a typical 15th century Cornish church. It was a time of rebuilding throughout the country and churches were designed for preaching the word rather than stressing the liturgy. The aisles are the same length as the nave, and there is a massive western tower. The Edgcumbe chapel was added in 1874. The neighbouring village of Rame together with Maker form Maker with Rame parish.

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Meistersinger, Parnassian, actor, agent, ancestors, apprentice, arch-poet, architect, artificer, artisan, artist, artiste, author, bag maker, balance maker, ballad maker, balladmonger, bard, barrel maker, basket maker, beat poet, bed maker, beer maker, begetter, beginner, bell maker, bellows maker, belt maker, blanket maker, block maker, bobbin maker, bodice maker, body maker, bolt maker, bookmaker, bootmaker, bottle maker, bow maker, box maker, brake maker, bread maker, brickmaker, bridge maker, broom maker, brush maker, bucoliast, builder, bullet maker, butter maker, button maker, cabinetmaker, canvas maker, carpet maker, cart maker, casemaker, catalyst, causer, cement maker, chain maker, cheese maker, chest maker, chisel maker, clockmaker, clog maker, cloth maker, coach maker, coffin maker, collar maker, combmaker, conceiver, constructor, copyist, cord maker, coremaker, couch maker, cradle maker, craftsman, crate maker, creator, cup maker, dauber, daubster, designer, deviser, diemaker, discoverer, dish maker, doer, doll maker, door maker, dressmaker, effector, elegist, engenderer, engineer, epic poet, executant, executor, executrix, fabricator, father, fili, founder, generator, grower, hatmaker, idyllist, imagist, inaugurator, industrialist, initiator, inspirer, instigator, institutor, introducer, inventor, jongleur, journeyman, laureate, librettist, major poet, manufacturer, map maker, master, master craftsman, matchmaker, medium, minnesinger, minor poet, minstrel, modernist, mother, mover, occasional poet, odist, old master, operant, operative, operator, organizer, originator, parent, past master, pastoral poet, pastoralist, patriarch, performer, perpetrator, planner, poet, poet laureate, poetress, practitioner, precursor, prime mover, primum mobile, producer, raiser, realizer, rhapsode, rhapsodist, satirist, scop, shaper, shoemaker, sire, skald, smith, sonneteer, subject, symbolist, troubadour, trouveur, trovatore, vers libriste, vers-librist, watchmaker, worker, wright
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